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GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy)

We are members of the GCCF approved breeders scheme. Breeders who have signed up to the Breeder Scheme have shown their commitment to the standards required by the scheme's code of ethics. Further information can be found on the GCCF site.


I am a member of this club and currently Vice President. I have been on the committee for a number of years. Each April the club holds their Annual Cat Show in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, a friendly show - where all are made to feel welcome. I am happy to help/advise any first time exhibitors at the show, just give me a call.

SIAMESE RESCUE - Pauline Crawshaw

Pauline is based in Sheffield, she works very hard at re-homing unwanted Siamese Cats, a lady who cares about the Siamese breed with a passion.


Luxury Cat Products. We particularly like their cat towers and so do our cats. Well worth a visit to their website. Quite expensive products but last far longer than cheaper versions and all the parts are replaceable.

Cat Products

GCCF approved Breeder Scheme

Northern Siamese and Oriental Cat Society

Siamese Cat Rescue - run by Pauline Crawshaw