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by Simplismitten

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For almost 30 years we have been owned by Siamese cats, they have trained us well to wait on them hand and paw. Now based in Derbyshire we spent most of our cat breeding years living near Wetherby, West Yorkshire where we bred both Siamese and Bengal Cats for many years. Later discovering the 2 breeds were not compatible, we were forced to choose. We chose Siamese because they were our first love. We still have 2 Bengal queens though, old ladies now 15 and 16 years and not so fiesty. For the past 8 years we have been living in Derbyshire, we stopped breeding for a few years but missed the patter of tiny paws and decided to start again in 2015.

Are Siamese cats like dogs? No, they don't bark, however,they do have exceptionally deep, loud voices that they use at every opportunity. They don't greet you with a wag of their tail but they are always there at the door to welcome you home with a growly greeting. They are very loyal, usually lap cats who demand lots of attention and will rule the roost if you let them but they do make wonderful, loyal, devoted pets