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We have been owned by Siamese Cats for over 30 years. Our GCCF registered prefix is SimpliSmitten. Simply smitten by Siamese cats, we just adore their intelligent, loving, loyal, willful personalities, no breed is quite as entertaining.

We are Registered members of the GCCF Approved Breeder Scheme we promote responsible breeding and abide by their code of ethics. To find our more about the Breeder Scheme click on the GCCF banner (above left)

As responsible breeders our aim is to produce small numbers of quality, pedigree siamese kittens, reared in our Derbyshire home. We have only one or two litters a year. Breeding on this small scale allows us to bestow our kittens with lots of individual attention, which we believe promotes affectionate, sociable kittens with good temperaments.

It is advisable to reserve our kittens in advance. Find more details and photo's of our kittens by clicking the Kittens link

Our Premier Simplismitten TheSamurai - Siamese Chocolate Tabby


"People who don't like cats haven't met the right one yet" - Deborah A Edwards

"Two cats can live as cheaply as one and the owner has twice as much fun" - Lloyd Alexander